Borgo Stomennano

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Casa Cornacchi Villa Cicolina
Tenuta La Bandita Villa Loredana
Livernano Fattoria La Loggia
Villa Il Poggiale Borgo Stomennano
Hotelito Lupaia Castello di Vicarello
La Bandita La Locanda


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Historical records of Stomennano date back to 1234 when an important peace treaty between Siena and Florence was signed here. The heart of Borgo Stomennano, just 5 minutes away from gorgeous Monteriggioni, is the 17th century Villa around which many buildings rise, constructed in the traditional and distinctive Tuscan style. Stomennano is also home of the Azienda Agricola Stomennano, purveyor of high quality wine and olive oil produced using the estate's vineyards and olive groves.

The Italian garden is provided with garden furniture, such as lawn chairs and marble table sun beds. Next to the incredible view on the little town of Monteriggioni, the garden has antique statues, fountains, lemon trees, fruit trees, a marvelous hydrangeas collection and an exotic botanic garden to admire. From one of the many the romantic spots in the garden, you can enjoy the amazing views all around. It seems like nothing has changed this pure nature for centuries. Interesting is that Stomenanno lies on the Francigena road, an important historic road connecting the pilgrims from Paris to the Pope in Rome.

At Stomennano the term 'personal touch' is not an abstract catch phrase, but rather reflects a very tangible and genuine concern for the needs of the guests and a desire to get to know them personally. The owners have a real passion for people, and it is perhaps because of this that many visitors return to Stomennano for another holiday in Tuscany, as they are treated as guests of the family.

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