Castello di Vicarello

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Casa Cornacchi Villa Cicolina
Tenuta La Bandita Villa Loredana
Livernano Fattoria La Loggia
Villa Il Poggiale Borgo Stomennano
Hotelito Lupaia Castello di Vicarello
La Bandita La Locanda


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Products, courses and tastings

Wine and food are all in keeping the ambiance and the highest standards of Vicarello's taste and beauty. Dining at the castle is a journey for gourmet senses, creative, unforgettable, but traditional with products grown on site. Everything is cultivated according to ancient methods as well as strict organic guidelines.

The vineyards grow in the sunshine and are planted with Cabernet grapes. The vines are tended by hand, just as they were in time of the middle ages. For wine lovers, it is an excellent discovery and an unforgettable souvenir.

The castle produces two high quality wines, Castello di Vicarello and Terre di Vico, and biological olive oil. Cooking lessons and wine tastings are available on request for guests as well as for visitors.

Booking request for wine tastings and cooking courses

Guests can simply ask for a wine tasting or cooking course in the comment box of the booking form for their stay. Individuals or groups that are not staying at Vicarello, can also attend a wine tasting (2-14 people) or cooking course (2-8 people), by using the booking form underneath. There is also a possibility to ask for special vegetarian cooking courses.

The booking form will be send directly to the owner, who will contact you as soon as possible and will inform you about the prices.

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