Castello di Vicarello

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Casa Cornacchi Villa Cicolina
Tenuta La Bandita Villa Loredana
Livernano Fattoria La Loggia
Villa Il Poggiale Borgo Stomennano
Hotelito Lupaia Castello di Vicarello
La Bandita La Locanda


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Once, a historic castle was constructed here. Today, it has been rescued from ruin and transformed into an exclusive luxury retreat. Vicarello is a place where you can stare forever into Tuscany’s green hills or its blue sky. Time stands still at this charming estate. Silence abounds. History lives on each path, in each stone, and every wall sings a song of an ancient past.

In the garden, architectural elements and ruins have been integrated to create spaces that are formal, yet simple. Waves of flowers and sweet-smelling native plants, gnarled olive trees, medieval vineyards, and age-old cypress trees create a dream of nature.

The Castello offers a space for imagination and curiosity, an oasis of relaxation and new sensations. From the minute you arrive at Vicarello, you will feel at home. Every detail creates the perfect destination. Within these ancient, restored walls you will feel the welcoming, comforting touch of the owners, Aurora and Carlo Baccheschi Berti.

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