Explore the tasty and versatile Florentine cuisine during a gastronomic tour through the enchanting streets of the city. The day starts with a visit to a famous pasticceria where you can drink an espresso or cappuccino and taste an assortment of local sweets. Then we visit one of the nicest markets in Florence to discuss the various seasonal vegetables, fruits and herbs and to taste some prosciutto, salami and cheeses. For the adventurous eater an assaggio of trippa and lampredotto is next, but it is also possible to be introduced to typical different Florentine bread types in a local bakery. The morning ends in an enoteca for a wine tasting, where the characteristics of the Tuscan wines will be discussed.

60 Euro per person
30 Euro for children less than 12 years old

The tour is offered to private groups of min. 3 and max. 10 people.

Duration tour
3 hours (9.00-12.00 or 10.00-13.00)

Photography: Duccio Argentini
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